Pathos for Positivity

Mental Health Blog

Why is life so challenging, so often? It’s infuriating and discouraging sometimes. It can get us all down… That’s why I created Pathos for Positivity, a mental health blog. 

Throughout all of my own struggles, I keep coming back to how we humans typically only make change happen when we absolutely have to. So, those end-of-times phases of our lives might be the exact place we have to find ourselves in, in order to create a new way of being.

Of course, the process often sucks. Getting through the storm, rising from the ashes, and being free to do anything after you’ve lost everything (Fight Club, anyone?) – those are challenges that require: 1) Tools, 2) Support, and 3) Experience. I hope to offer all three here, by sharing tips, insights, and relatable stories from both a client and a therapist perspective.