Online Therapy in Ontario for High Achievers, Levelling Up & Complex Life Stories

Young boy sitting on a log facing an owl and making a funny face

“I want to stop cycling through high-highs and low-lows”

“My emotions are so big!”

“No one could ever understand what I’ve been through”

“I don’t feel safe”

mother looking at her child with a gentle smile on her face
Young Woman looking stressed and holding her face while studying at a desk with papers and her laptop

“I’m a really intense person”

“There are so many things going on with me – where would we even start?”

Does this sound like you or one of your kids?

Bilingual Psychotherapist for Gifted Adults, Children and their families. Michelle Cru, sitting in a library holding a cup of tea

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I Believe That Some Of Us Are Born With Really Big Emotions

That includes me!

I specialize in providing psychotherapy to high achievers, highly sensitive people, twice-exceptional (2e) individuals, and folks with a "gifted" label

I have worked with adults, children and families for many years and in many different settings, such as mental health agencies, private homes, schools, and daycares. 

The core of my work revolves around emotional dysregulation (adult and child), trauma, giftedness/high cognitive ability, high performers/burnout, spiraling thoughts, school-based difficulties, parenting challenges, family life, identity, and spiritual integration. 

I provide both individual and group therapy sessions. Being bilingual, and I work in both English and French. 

See my training and credentials HERE

Online Therapy Modalities & Services

Skills-based modalities

Dialectical Behavioral (DBT)
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT)

Parenting Coaching
parent management training

Relational & Narrative Modalities

Family Therapy
internal family systems (IFS)
motivational interviewing
narrative & self-reparenting

Advocacy & systemic services

School support/Advocacy
(ex: attending school meetings with families,
system navigation support, parent-school relations support)

Research of resources and services
(local and global)

As well as other Wrap-around services
(e.g., writing letters of support)


Parenting children with big emotions
& challenging behaviours
(dates TBD)


Processing your life story

Reparenting yourself

Shame and guilt

Trauma and PTSD

Psychedelic integration

Spiritual Integration

Day to Day



School Avoidance

Stress Management

Twice-Exceptional (gifted and a mental health or learning challenge)​

Identity & self-doubt


Relationship conflict



Postpartum-related difficulties​



Sexual issues

Anger management



Suicidal ideation


Conduct disorder

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